Suggestions Auto Story Quest ~ not main quest tho


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Just somehow thinking that if auto main quest is not possible, there would be some sort of idea of having the auto story quest (the green exclamation)

I am thinking that Auto story quest can be filtered or can be choose as it is not a priority quest? for example the cat quest in the west gate.. maybe devs can add a drop down button and choose a quest, for example ~ "Lulu's Quest" then you know the bot will automatically read the sequence of the quest on what the npc would want you to do for example collecting quest items and returning back to the npc or answering its question until the story quest done and bot will stop or will now back on it's routine.

In this method, high level characters which are lazy to finish quest will benefit the option, and or the dummy/alt characters.

What do you think?

Phoebe Ryan

I'm sorry, any features about story quests are too hard to develop. I think you should do it by yourself, thanks for your cooperation, sir.:)