Important FAQ of using Pocket Cloud Phone

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Q:Why I can’t use WODN ouchm on cloud phone?

A: Please download and use the 32-bit game version that we offer.
For more details, please read the article below.

Q: How to use Cloud Phone serials number?

A: One set of Cloud Phone serials number can only be used on one Cloud Phone, you can change the character in game or game account anytime.

If you have more than one characters and want to farm in the Cloud at the same time, please buy more sets of serials number.

Cloud phone serials number does not need to enter - symbol

Moreover, the cost of Cloud Phone service does not include the cost of Agent, please also remember to buy the Agent serials number.The lifetime of Cloud phone serials number can be accumulated.

Q: Where can I see the remaining lifetime of the cloud phone?

A: Check on the mobile phone:

1.First open the Cloud Phone APP, the remaining lifetime will be displayed on the preview screen of the Cloud Phone.

2.Web version of Cloud Phone: After logging in to the account, it will be showed in the cloud phone list.

Q: Can I renew my Cloud Phone account?

A: Yes, you can. (The data will be cleared after Cloud Phone is expired. In order to avoid it, please renew your account before expiration.)
The method of renewing Cloud phone account
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The method of renewing Cloud phone account

Open the Cloud Phone APP on your mobile phone, then you can see the button “Renew” is at the top of your screen.

Please choose “use pre-paid redeem code”, then click “NEXT”.

Confirm the Cloud Phone name is the one you want to renew, then enter the redeem code.

The method of renewing web version of Cloud phone account

In the cloud phone list, you can see every Cloud Phone has a “Renew” button, please click it.


Please choose the Cloud Phone you want to renew. (You can also buy a new Cloud Phone from here)

After entering the 12-digit redeem code, click “Next”.
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