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PreparationSimulators and Cloud Phone . We recommend LD Player as simulator.
Please first have your simulator/Pockm and the game installed.
Accounts from both Android and iOS are all in one game server, but iOS users please note that login with Game Center account will not initiate BOT. Game Center is only for iOS.

You must have BOT in STOP status to make changes on settings of BOT and save at the end
or it will not be applied to the game.

Simulator settings:

Resolution: 720*1280 Dpi: 320
CPU: 2 cores or higher
Memory: 4096 or higher

Please keep the ROOT on in the simulator:

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BOT installation & startHow to install
Please first have your BOT installation file ready - it is an .apk file for Android. Simply drag it to the simulator window, and it will be installed automatically.

How to start
1.Please run Black Desert M BOT and tap “Start Now”.

2.Then you will find an icon at the right side of the emulator.
3.You can tap it for starting BOT or settings.


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One-click setup

1. Start the Bot.
2. Set the type of account for Auto login.
4. Tap the bottom to activate the feature.
5. Start running the Bot.

1. After being familiar with the game and Bot, we recommend you set it by yourself. It’s a more efficient way.
2. If you want to enhance the equipment by yourself, especially enhanced with crystals, please do not use the feature of Auto transfer to the better equipment. Otherwise, if you get higher level equipment, it will not take out the crystals, but will transfer directly.
3. It will ignore the level before Black-spirit is LV 40 when fusing crystals, do not use this feature if you care.
4. We recommend you check the Rush Board feature manually, you will get 800-1000 Gold Coin if you use out all stamps. You can use Gold Coin to exchange the goods in Shakatu’s gear shop. Get a new suit of equipment, select the skills attributes branches, and equip crystals, which will be beneficial to develop.
5.The number of seeds and pet feeds that will auto bought is small in the original setting, if you have many pets and gardens, please set the number bigger.
6. It will auto farm 180 min in the wild to increase the combat power by default. If you think the time is too short to increase the CP, you can set it longer or decide to do main story quests today or not, just one click.

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General settings

Auto login
1.BOT will auto launch the game as it been launched, and it will login to the account and the character which set in advance.
2.There is no necessary to enter account and password, but you have to login to the game in advance

Auto main story

BOT will do main story quests automatically if this been checked.
If Deaths>__times pause main story quests for __min been checked, the character will go AF for a certain period of time when died to main story quests. The character will continue main story quests when CE gets higher.

Auto claim bonus/rewards

It can be turned on or off based on your personal preferences, and it will automatically claim bonus/rewards on the certain time.

Check frequency:
1. Interval: Do not check rewards after activating, check and claim rewards when time is up
2. Activate + Interval: Check and claim rewards after activating, check again when time is up.
3. Check online: Check and claim rewards after activating, stop claiming rewards if claimed

Dungeon settings in General settings

It can be turned on or off based on your personal preferences
Checked quests and dungeons will be completed automatically

Auto Ancient Ruins Dungeon

1.Auto Ancient Ruins Dungeon: The character will go to the certain difficulty of Ancient Ruins Dungeon
2.Auto join a party: Quick Join will be selected once. If there is no party, it will follow the settings from 1 and 3.
3.Number of party members await: this means entering Ancient Ruins Dungeon as a party. The character will form a party and wait for other players. When number of players meets the number in the settings, the dungeon will start automatically.
Form a party to enter dungeon, Requirements are as below:
1.Your party members must be your friends, restart the game after adding a new friend. (You will see your friend is offline when you added a new friend, it’s a bug in game, need to restart the game.)
2. The number of friends of your main character(Party leader) should no more than four. (These four are the friends you want to form a party with.)
3. All five characters must start the Agent, party members start the Agent first, party leader start the Agent at the end.
4. The setting of stamp is >, not >=, if you set 1, it will enter the dungeon when the number of stamps are 2 or more.
5.Password settings, please set the password as complex as possible, avoid having the same password as other players, it will have an influence on farming. Set the password by yourself, your party members’ password should be the same as yours.

Referential settings
Party leader settings:
Set the party password ( Set it by yourself, every character should set the same password) Identity: Party leader. Number of party members (Include yourself): You can set it based on your personal preferences

Party members settings:
Set the party password (Set it by yourself, every character should set the same password)
Identity: Party member. Number of party members (Include yourself): You can set it based on your personal preferences. Select the dungeon you want to enter, and set enter requirements

Auto Rush Board Dungeon

1.Auto Rush Board Dungeon: Character CE 3000, set to 100, the dungeon difficulty will not exceed 3100(3000+100); set to 0, the dungeon difficulty will not exceed 3000(3000+0); set to -100, the dungeon difficulty will not exceed 2900(3000-100)
2.Before entering dungeons, all Rush Board stamps will be exchanged
3.Repeat Rush Board Dungeon: this will use up all chances of the current Rush Board Dungeon before entering the next

Auto Guild BOSS, World BOSS

It can be turned on or off based on your personal preferences. If checked, the character will go for the BOSS when the corresponding announcement is made in the game

Auto PvP Arena:

1.The character will automatically go to PvP Arena at certain time based on your own settings
2. Auto claim PvP chests: Automatically unlock chests and claim rewards
3.Do not fight if max number of chests reached: if max number of chests reached, auto PvP Arena will be cancelled

Auto Black-Spirit Related actions

1.Checked selections will be done for you on a certain time
2.Selections include feeding Black-Spirit with equipment, fusing crystals, Light Stones, equipment exceed and transfer, and more
3.Note: Auto equipment transfer is only recommended to new accounts. If there is a better equipment, this may transfer your equipment with crystal to the better one

Auto feed pets

1.Simply turn it on and set the frequency
2.Auto train pet: Automatically train pets’ skills

Auto Market sell

Have it checked and check as many features as you wish.This will be done at the same time as claim daily bonus/rewards

Auto Market purchase

1.Have it checked and enter the item name (the item name must be the same as it appears in the game)
2.This feature will only be turned on if BOT is launched when you are on the Market page with the item you want to buy. Success on buying will continue what the character was doing.

Auto catch horses

1. Auto catch horse: This will automatically lead the character to catch horses. You need to have ropes for catching horses in your backpack and please set auto buy ropes for catching horses in the Return Settings
2.Feed on Black Sugar:This will increase the success rate of catching horse if feed horse on black Sugar when catching horse. Set auto buy Black Sugar in the return settings.


It can be turned on or off based on your personal preferences.
Note: Auto switch to the best skill combo means the auto switch skill combo feature in the game. Please do not check this box if you have your own skill combo.


A stat info window will appear at the left bottom corner of the game, and it will clearly show how efficient BOT is.
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Auto camp management

You may choose as many features as you wish
Auto hire workers: this will be done every time when auto camp management in process
Food>___%, collect one by one: for example, it is set to 80, the limit of your food storage is 50,000, and when there is more than 40,000 in the storage, food in the field will be collected one by one instead of collect all to prevent possible waste.

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Farm Settings

1.When Farm is turned on and energy >x% detected, the character will go for gathering for 150sec before AF
2.Auto gathering at one time is recommended. Gathering while AF may lead the character to be attacked by monsters

Farm in Nightmare Settings

1.Farm Settings: You need to move to the AF position on your own, and then tap Acquire Coordinate. If coordinate is revealed, it means coordinate is successfully acquired, and then you can check the box with the coordinate
2.Switch Farm point after death: Switch to the next AF point if died. This prevent the character keep dying on one point
3.Polite Mode: If another player occupies the AF point you are heading to, the character will randomly move to a farther position

Open Field farm locations

1.Auto switch AF point before CE 3000: You do not need to set AF points, BOT will auto switch AF points for you based on your character’s CE
2.Game saving point: This means auto saving point feature in the game. The top-down sequence is saving point 1, saving point 2, saving point 3…
3.AF Point: You need to move to positions on your own, and the tap Acquire coordinate
4.Highest CE<X: The character will auto switch to the next position on the list when CE is higher than the number on the settings. This is recommended for players who would like to have the character AF for a long period of time. Normal AF settings will apply if this box is not checked.

Heal/skill assist

1.Potion intelligent: Potions will be consumed automatically based on current HP, and smaller potions will be consumed first
2.Black-Spirit skills: Black-Spirit skills will be cast automatically
3.Auto loot Spoils of Battle: The character will loot Spoils of Battle automatically. This is recommended for players with few pets

Auto fishing

The character will go fishing automatically with this box checked and time period set. If you would like to go fishing for the whole day, please make settings the exact same as the above screenshot.
Auto save to storage & auto sell fish: These only apply to fish with BOT on, which means fish you get on your own will neither be saved to storage nor sold.


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Return settings

1.Requirements of return:It can be turned on or off based on your personal preferences
2.Weight settings: If you turn on auto dungeon or PvP Arena, please do not set it to over 100

1.Return movement:Auto Index, check camp after return: These guarantee your Index updates and camp management been done as soon as you return
2.Sell equipment: This follows the sequence of backpack in the game. From the left to the right: weapons, armors, accessories, crystals and others

3.Auto save to warehouse: Items will be saved to the warehouse in the camp after returned and been supplied

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Error Settings

1.There are some BUGs from the game itself. BOT has added error settings for those problem conducted by the game
2.EXP & Silver not changed for X sec while AF, restart game: Not recommend a too short period of time
3.When Silver is below X k, do not do the following: Such as skill upgrade, potential exceed, possession expansion cost quite large amount of Silver on the early phase of the game. With this box checked could prevent possible problems conducted by insufficient Silver on the early phase of the game
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