Announcements Notification of charge for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love OuchM Bot

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1.Ragnarok Mobile Bot will be officially charged after 2pm on December 2nd.

Thank you for your support of Ouchm Bot for a long time, so that we can grow.
However, maintaining its normal operation requires a lot of manpower and material resources. If it continues to be free, we will eventually overwhelm it and shut it down.
Therefore, we have to make a decision, and hope everyone can understand.

Ragnarok Mobile Bot Charging Standards:
One serial number for 30 days = $ 16
Note: Each serial number can be used on only one emulator window. and if you want to open more emulator windows, you should buy more serial numbers.

“RO External Love Bot” selling website :

Purchase Tutorials:

2.Beacuse Ragnarok Mobile Ouchm Bot can also be used on Cloud Phone,we provide the relative services to those players who want to use Cloud Phone

Cloud Phone charging standards:
One serial number for 30 days = $12
Note:One serial number can only be used on one Cloud Phone window

“Pocket Cloud Mobile Phone” website:

Purchase Tutorials:

Download Cloud Phone and Setup tutorials:
(1). Cloud Phone Advantages:
(2). Cloud Phone download:
(3). Cloud Phone Setup Tutorials:
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