Important Ouchm Bot Setup Tutorials on Pocket Cloud Phone

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1.Install B&S Revolution and Ouchm Bot (B&S Revolution Assistant).

2.Then open the B&S Revolution, if this page pops up: you can choose

A: Install Google Play (Please Sign in your Google Account), return to this page after installation.

B: You can also click “Cancel”, and load the game first.

3.Then click “Choose All”, “Agree”, “Confirm”, and “Waiting for download file” in proper order.

4.After completing the download, please sign in and enter the game first no matter which account you use.

5.After entering the game, please click the foursquare button at the bottom of the Cloud Phone. Then exit the game B&S Revolution.

6. Start the B&S Revolution Ouchm Bot.

7.First, you have to check “Use Cloud Phone for farming” and confirm your login method, other options can be check based on your personal preferences. And you can learn how to set the unusual options from Ouchm official website.

8.Start the Bot after checking

Then you can see there is a transparent elfin icon hang onto the right side of the Cloud Phone. Please click it, then it will turn green if you start it.

9.Then you can release your hands and let the Bot do its work. You can also check the process of Ouchm Bot at the bottom left of the screen.

Cloud phone login page:
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