Important Ro Ouchm bot free trial instructions

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Li Na

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Currently Ro Ouchm bot can be tried for free 2 times everyday, each time for 20 minutes

After 20 minutes, the bot will automatically stop. you need to click again to start,then you can try for another 20 minutes

Players who want to try the bot can use the free trial first.
If you are satisfied with Our Bot, you can purchase and get the license key.

Purchase tutorials of RO Eternal Love bot:

1.No need to enter serial code during free trial

2.Start the Bot directly and you will be prompted for a 20-minute free trial

3.The bot will stop automatically after 20 minutes
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really want to buy serial key but damn the student life is kicking me hard. :( goodbye mvp hunts

anyways, what are the mode of payments aside paypal?
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