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Update History

Fixes & improvements:
1. Fixed a bug on the latest Nest/Nest Hell dungeon.

Fixes & improvements:
1. Added two new Nests. (Gigantes & Scorpion)
2. Optimized Auto Treasure search.
3. Support all seeds.

Fixes & improvements:
1. Update along with the game.
2. For cloud phone users, please download this new game version after the maintenance. (This is the game app, not the Bot app).

Fixes & improvements:
1. Optimized Auto Treasure search. (Go to the next Map after use out all Treasure maps in the current Map)
2. Optimized Auto Request quests.
3. Fixed a bug on Auto Reputation quests. (Claim rewards)

Fixes & improvements:
1. Added Auto Treasure Search.

Fixes & improvements:
1. Fixed a bug on the Gesture Quest, for example, "Say Hello".
2. Supports more reputation quests to the Lv.47 map.

Fixes & improvements:
1. Renew the WOD game download link.

Fixes & improvements:
1. Update along with the game.
2. Added Lv.33 map Reputation quests.

Fixes & improvements:
1. Fixed some bugs on the Sudden quests.
2. Optimized the settings(Chinese version).

Fixes & improvements:
1. Fixed a bug on Cloud Phone memory connection failure.

Fixes & improvements:
1. Added Hunting boss at a fixed location in the Reputation quest.

Fixes & improvements:
1. Note: Now the WOD bot has started to charge. For more information, please read from here:
2. Added Cristal Stream Reputation quest.
3. Optimized Sudden quest.
4. Fixed a bug (Not leaving after Wonderful Racing is over).
5. Sync other language settings.

Fixes & improvements:
1. Fixed a bug on entering into the Sudden quest.
2. Optimized Boss hunting efficiency for the Reputation quest.
3. Note: WOD Bot will be charged after 2 pm on March 16.
Get more information from here:

Fixes & improvements:
1.Fixed a bug on reputation quest of lv.25, which was Gathering and Mining cannot be performed.
2.Fixed a bug on claim Mission completion reward.
3.Optimized some details.
4.Added Sudden quest.(Testing)
5.Now, it will not cast the ultimate skills until you get close to the Boss.
6.Fixed a bug on the feature: "Don't check the first time" of the Claim settings.

Fixes & improvements:
1.Added new reputation area. Now ouchm support reputation quest in Dust Wind Site and areas before.
2.Fixed the issue where ouchm can't operate request after reconnection.
3.Added new feature that skipping Main story quest after die N times
4.Added new feature that waiting for N sec after revive.
5.Added new feature that skipping Request quest after die N times
6.Added Mainticore Nest..

Version : 0307
1.Fixed the issue where character does not enter Sea Dragon Defense War

1.Fixed the issue where auto questing feature won't function after reset.
2.Added new feature that allows Ouchm bot no to check rewards at the beginning of the game.
3.Added new difficulty for several dungeons.
4.Optimized auto Irene's quests feature.
5.Fixed the issue where Ouchm bot does not collect event reward.

1.Fixed a issue where character got stuck while doing request quest.
2.Fixed a issue where cultivating and producing still function after uncheck their option.
3.Fixed a issue where bot does not collect completion reward and repeat to open the reward page.
4.Add auto Irene's quest(Testing).

1. Added new languages which including Thai, Chinese, and Indonesian.

Fixes & improvements:
1.Fixed the issue where the black screen caused by main quest feature.
2.Added a new feature that allows character auto using counterattack and rise in reputation quest.
3.Added a new option that allows user to choose whether to use auto counterattack and rise or not.

Current Version:0227
Fixes & improvements:
1.Update along with the game.
2.Added a feature that allows player to enter the dungeon without waiting till full party.

Fixes & improvements:
1.Optimized main quest feature. Character now won't be stuck by area quest when running main quest.
2.Added auto event dungeon feature.
(The event dungeon feature is still in testing, if any issues occurred while using, please report to us)

Fixes & improvements:
1.Added feature that allows character to auto use rise and counter attack in PVP, dungeon, and main quest.
2.Fixed a bug that tracks wrong hunting boss in some reputation quest, and optimize reputation quest in Frost Hills area.
3.Added more seeds in planting feature.

Fixes & improvements:
1. Added more gathering locations and hunting locations.

Fixes & improvements:
1. Support Cloud Phone.
2. Fixed a bug about reopening smelting page.
3. Optimized the reputation quest feature. The character will run back to the target while hunting if it is too far.

Fixes & improvements:
1. Fixed a bug in canceling mount gathering.

Fixes & improvements:
1. Optimized gathering feature. Character will no longer mount while gathering.
2. Added Blizzard Plain reputation quest.
3. Added a feature that auto updates the game.

Fixes & improvements:
1.Add auto participating Colosseum 1vs1 practice.
2.Improve dungeon feature. Character now won't leave the dungeon after die.

Fixes & improvements:
1. Added auto selling.
2. Fixed a bug on skipping some request quests.
3. Added feature that process smelting and Dragon jade enhancing according to bag capacity.

Fixes & improvements:
1.Support reward collecting.
2.Support auto smelting.
3.Support auto Dragon jade enhancing.
4.Support auto pruchasing recovery potion.
5.Support main story, request, daily quest.
6.Support auto fishing, planting, producing, and spa.
7.Support auto paticipating daily dungeon.
8.Support auto paticipating nest dungeon and nest hell dungeon.
9.Support auto gathering at selecting location.
10.Support auto complete area reputation quest.
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